GLSP Solid State Selectable Program Flashers

144-S3 Selectable Program Solid State FlasherGreat Lakes Sign Products (GLSP) Selectable Program Solid State Flashers provide a combination of reliability and versatility. Each unit has the option to select multiple chase patterns giving you a single flasher that does the job of many.

Offering noiseless operation with no mechanical contacts encapsulated to protected against shock, vibration, and moisture. With high load capacities and superior heat dissipation, solid state flashers are a reliable way to easily handle any flashing and chasing need.

The robust design of GLSP Solid State Flashers lets them provide more amps than industry standards. All models have easily adjustable speed controls and most models offer replaceable triacs.

Selectable Program Units

Model Number
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Number of Circuits Amps Voltage
144-S3 3 30A 24 – 220 VAC
144-S4 4 40A 24 – 220 VAC
144-S5 5 50A 24 – 220 VAC
144-S6 6 60A 24 – 220 VAC
144-S7 7 70A 24 – 220 VAC
144-S8 8 80A 24 – 220 VAC