Signatrol Model 30 Flashers

Signatrol Model 30-01 Mechanical FlasherSignatrol Model 30 Flashers are standard duty On-Off flasher units with variable speed and customizable cams.

The standard unit is furnished with 50% cams, (single notch) so the “ON” and “OFF” periods are of equal length.  The motor speed adjustment allows the overall cycle to be varied from one revolution of the cam shaft in two seconds (30 flashes per minute) to one revolution in four seconds (15 flashes per minute).


Models with the letter “K” denote custom cam cuts that must be specified by the customer with each order.

The maximum number of notches in a single cam is 15 with the minimum “OFF” period between “ON” periods being 4%. To determine the number of notches required in a cam, divide the flashes per minute you will require by 30.
Example: for 120 Flashes per minute, 120/30 = 4 notches.

Note: Amperage ratings are based on the connected load as well as the flashing speed. Ratings up to 100 flashes per minute are 15 Amps, up to 250 flashes are 10 Amps, over 260 flashes are 5 Amps.

Signatrol Model 30 Units

Model Number
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Number of Circuits Flashing Action Flashes Per Minute
Total Watt Capacity:
at 115 Volts
30-01 1 On – Off 15 – 30 1,725 Watts
30-K1 1 Specify 1,725 Watts
30-02 2 On – Off 15 – 30 3,450 Watts
30-K2 2 Specify 3,450 Watts
30-A2 2 Alternating 15 – 30 3,450 Watts