Signatrol Model 20-55 Flasher

Signatrol Model 20-55 Mechanical FlasherSignatrol Model 20-55 Flasher is a 5 circuit, heavy-duty flashers with adjustable speed options constructed of high quality materials.

The Model 20 design features contact stacks that can be easily detached and replaced with a screw driver with no need to remove the unit from its cabinet. Heavy-duty silver alloy contacts of one half inch diameter provide for maximum life where only wiping the contacts assures positive operation. Ball-bearings throughout provide smooth operation and are sealed with aluminum covers to guard against dust and moisture. These enduring designs can be depended on for years of reliable service even in the most demanding allocations.

Contacts have a 20 amp rating with 2,300 watts per channel at 250 flashes per minute.

Model 20 units come with a 115 Volt Motor, 50/60 cycle. They are also available in 220 volt as a special order from your distributor.

Model 20-55 Details

115 volt motor, 50/60 cycle.
Also available in 220 volts.

Watts/Amps is based at 250 FPM
Flasher Size: 6″ x 6.25″ x 3″
Weight: 6 lbs.
# of Circuits: 5
Amps per Circuit: 20A
Flashing Action: 4 On – 1 Off
Flashing Action per minute: 250 – 360 Flashes
Total Watt Capacity: 11,500 Watts