FMS Model 66-C6 High Speed Chaser

The Model 66-C6 High Speed Chaser, also called a scintillator, is generally used to create a scintillating or “twinkling” action in fields of flashing bulbs. It can also be wired to create a chasing action. This units are constructed of very heavy duty materials to stand up under constant use with heavy loads.

The Model 66-C6 features a simple wiring design for easy installation, and three shielded ball bearings which require no maintenance. As on all FMS flashers, the contacts are formed of a special silver alloy that actually performs better than pure silver.

The flashing speed of the Model 66-C6 can be easily adjusted by removing motor shades using just a screw driver. The chaser is supplied with a shade on each motor, and as shades are removed the flashing speed decreases.

When operating with shades on (430 flashes per circuit per minute) the contacts on all Model 66 units are rated at 12.5 amps each.

When operating with shades off (250 flashes per circuit per minute) the contacts on the 66-C6 are rated at 17.5 amps each.


Model 66-C6 Details

115 volt motor, 50/60 cycle.
Also available in 220 volts.

Flasher Size: 7.25″ x 9″ x 4″
Weight: 10 lbs.
# of Circuits: 6
Amps per Circuit: 12.5A or 17.5A
Flashing Action: Chase
 Total Watt Capacity:
at 115 Volts, SHADE ON
 8625 Watts
Total Watt Capacity:
at 115 Volts, SHADE OFF
12,075 Watts
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