FMS Model 33 Chasers

FMS Model 33 Chasers are most commonly used on flashing incandescent bulb signs where “dark spots” chase around a border or directional motion is incorporated into a field of bulbs. The Model 33 can be used to chase neon, though it must be incorporated on the primary side of any transformers. Model 33 Chasers are available from stock with three, four, or five circuits, and larger chasers are available by special order.

Like all FMS flashers, Model 33 chasers are ruggedly constructed to provide years of smooth, quiet, trouble free service. The Model 33 chaser features molded terminal blocks, permanently lubricated bearings, and all corrosion resistant surfaces. Contacts on the Model 33 chasers are rated to handle 10 amps each and are accessible for easy replacement.

The flashing speed of the Model 33 can be easily adjusted by removing motor shades using just a screw driver. The chaser is supplied with a shade on each motor, and as shades are removed the flashing speed decreases.

Model 33 units  come with a 115 Volt Motor, 50/60 cycle. They are also available in 220 volt as a special order from your distributor.

FMS Model 33 Units

Model Number
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Number of Circuits Cam Cut Flashes Per Circuit
per minute, SHADE ON
Flashes Per Circuit
per minute, SHADE OFF
Total Watt Capacity
at 115 Volts
33-C3 3 8 Lobe 270 210 3450 Watts
33-C4 4 8 Lobe 270 210 4600 Watts
33-C5 5 7 Lobe 215 190 5750 Watts